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Grab 1000 cinema grade robot sounds for the price of a NIGHT at the movies

Introducing the Movie Robots Sample Pack...

What is it?

  • 1000+ Royalty Free Samples — The largest collection of high quality Robot Sounds and FX on the market
  • ​​Cinema grade sounds — Only the finest beeps, boops, and mechanical roars you'd hear in a major motion picture like Star Wars, Wall-E, or Transformers
  • 446 x FX Samples — Huge Impacts, Detailed Risers, Spaceships, Portals, and more
  • ​581 x Robot Samples — Robot sounds from machines of all shapes and sizes 

Can I hear it?

Works with any Software including...

Ableton Live

FL Studio

Logic Pro


+ All other DAWs


There's nothing worse than downloading a sample pack only to realize it's mostly just garbage.

I promise that I will never add any bloat to your sample library. 

I only deliver the highest quality sounds and products that you will use for years to come.

If you download ANY of my products (Movie Robots included) and aren't fully satisfied, I will give you all your money back for up to 30 days from the date of your purchase.
Splice's intro plan charges $8 for around 100 samples/month. 

To download 1000 sounds of ANYTHING from Splice, not only would it cost you $80, but you'd have to download 100 sounds a month for 10 months. 

Also...there are only 200 TOTAL "Robot" Samples on ALL of Splice!! (Seriously, go search "Robots" on Splice if you don't believe me).

The Movie Robots pack CONTAINS 4 TIMES that amount, it costs less, and is delivered immediately.
Other sample pack companies will offer you sample packs with a few decent sounds alongside HUNDREDS of garbage samples to make you feel like you are getting more.

When I created Movie Robots, my team and I cut nearly 2000 SAMPLES. I went through every single one of these and chose the best 1000.

I personally vouch for the quality of every sample you are getting.

Who doesn't love spaceships and flying robots?

There's something about cinematic robot movies that brings out the inner child in us all and plucks carefully at the strings of our inspiration.

So when I finally watched the movie Wall-E, I came up with an idea...why not take all of my favorite sounds from the movie and create a sample pack?

But when I offered the pack for free to the producer community, I received a lot of questions about the legality of using these samples. It's a question most of us music producers are all too familiar with:

Are these Wall-E samples royalty free?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. 

Without proper manipulation and processing, the sounds included in my free Wall-E Pack are to be used at your own risk.

This bummed me out for a while, but then it hit me...

Why don't I make a custom sample pack of robot sounds that ARE royalty free?

And so I did. I teamed up with a couple of the best sound designers I could find and put together the LARGEST collection of cinema grade robot sounds on the market...

Introducing Movie Robots...1000+ royalty free sounds to use HOWEVER YOU WANT. 

Use them in your music, your videos, your apps, your games, your ANYTHING...use them HOWEVER YOU WANT!

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